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Faberge Cartier: Rivalen am Zarenhof by Geza Von Habsburg 

This catalogue, based on a 2003-2004 exhibition that took place at Kunsthalle in Munich,  presents Cartier and Fabergé side by side for the first time, comparing their artistic testimonies and competing work.


At the beginning of the 1900s, Fabergé was heading west, while Cartier was working in the opposite direction, and although the pair initially designed almost identical items, Cartier eventually moved away from Fabergé’s old-fashioned French style to develop his own formal language under the influence of Fauvism, Modernism and the Ballets Russes.


This book presents the work of the two great master jewellers and their artistic competition. Focusing on their rivalry and how the Tsar’s court spurred them on to ever greater performances. As the subject is really specific, we recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of Cartier’s ability to innovate — it’s an interesting read!


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in 2004 by Hirmer Publishers, Munich


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