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Cartier: styles et stylos by François Chaille

Cartier has created writing instruments since 1868, and for this publication the brand invited Francois Chaille to visit the company archives in Paris, London and New York to catalogue each of its writing treasures. Chaille evokes the nostalgia of the porte-plumes as well as the sensuality and precious materials used in the making of certain pens and writing paper.


Chaille reveals the extraordinary skill of Cartier, who was able to meet the requirements of his buyers with the same creativity he applied to jewelry making. Chaille also met the creators of the infamous Diabolo de Cartier.


It is a fantastic book, detailed and dedicated to the perfection encapsulated in one subject; a perfect way to gain knowledge about the design of this century’s most stunning pens.


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in 2000 by Flammarion, Paris


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