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Cartier: Le style et l’histoire by Laurent Salomé, Laure Dalon, Pierre Rainero

Another original catalogue, Cartier: Le style et l’histoire focuses on a Grand Palais exhibition that took place in 2013. The exhibition offered visitors an opportunity to enter into the intimacy of Parisian society, showcasing how Cartier jewellery was used for its intrinsic beauty but also its social function, allowing visitors valuable insight in to the brand’s heritage.


This same ambition is reflected in the catalogue, based on archive material from the period of XX to XX, it references the many works of Cartier, with special focus on the art-deco period.


This book gives generalised information about the Cartier house and is full of important details.


Additional information


in Paris: Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais, 2013


Languages: French and English
Format: 30 X 26 cm
399 Pages


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