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Cartier: la montre Tank by Franco Cologni 

Cartier Chairman, founder of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, and author of numerous books on Cartier, Franco Cologni is not just an expert, he is a man who resolutely left his mark on modern watchmaking.


In this book, he studies the legendary Cartier Tank watch in every detail. Published on the 100th anniversary of the Tank, this book tells the story from the first design produced in 1917 and and its subsequent iterations including Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Chinoise, Tank Américaine, Tank Française and many others.


The journey of this iconic style is enriched by designs and photos from the Cartier archives, including the most notable models to portraits of famous clients wearing their Tank. A must-read for any fan of Cartier watches.


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by Flammarion in 1988, 265 pages – 255 x 295 mm
by Flammarion in 2017, 232 pages – 255 x 291 mm


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