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Cartier 1900-1939 by Judy Rudoe

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This British Museum exhibition catalogue is a gem for everyone interested in the brand during the exact between 1900 and 1939.


It is less generalised than Nadehoffer’s work (link), instead focusing on one of the most important periods of Cartier, when the Paris-based store expanded to London and New York, which makes it extremely good for specialists! Rudoe was the curator of the British Museum and a jewellery historian.


She also had access to specialist archives, and subsequently describes technical descriptions that cannot be found in any other book about Cartier. She was a stickler for ensuring weight and maker were included in the description of each piece. Full of drawings and information about this crucial period of Cartier history, this book is definitely one of our favourites.


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1999 by Abrams/Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Paperback, 344 Pages
1997 by British Museum Press, Hardcover, 344 Pages
1997 by Harry N. Abrams, Hardcover, 320 Pages

1 review for Cartier 1900-1939 by Judy Rudoe

  1. Inesa Kovalova

    The book is fascinating and full of technical and historical details! loved reading it!

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