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Cartier by Hans Nadelhoffer

We recommend this book by Hans Nadelhoffer to every jewellery lover. The official jewellery expert for Christie’s auction house in Geneva, Nadelhofer was granted exclusive and complete access to the Cartier archives in the 1980s, allowing him to write the definitive history of the brand.


Nadelhoffer spent three years researching the Cartier archives in Paris, London and New York. So predictably, this book cover everything from the company’s development, traced right from its beginnings in Paris to its global success; charming stories about the brand’s most important clients, unique drawings and even photos of pieces that no longer exist.


Nadelhoffer enjoyed archival access that would simply be impossible now and consequently, it’s a great place to discover and develop and overall understanding of the brand. Small warning: the section about makers’ marks isn’t completely accurate!


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in 1984 by Thames and Hudson
in 1994 by Editions du Regard
in 2007 by Chronicle Books
in 2007 by Thames and Hudson
in 2016 by  Éditions du Regard


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