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Cartier: exceptional objects by Olivier Bachet and Alain Cartier 

For those wanting to learn about Cartier objets d’art, we cannot recommend this book enough.


It’s a collection of over 1000 rare Cartier objects from the period 1875 and 1965, most of which are held in private collections and often created in secret for privileged customers, never exhibited and described before.


Through personal networks, with the support of museums, galleries and private collectors, Bachet and Cartier gained access to Cartier’s exceptional objects and archive materials. It is the first and most detailed work examining the detailed history and style of various Cartier objects including pillboxes, fans, pencil cases, pens, clocks, cigarette boxes, theatre binoculars and many other unexpected items! Olivier Bachet studies these never-before-seen objects with a great deal of precision, adding technical details and drawings with a focus on the manufacturing process and innovation frequently displayed by the house.


Produced in full independence, this book pays a vibrant tribute to the designers and craftsmen that were the backbone of Cartier, a subject not frequently covered. The second volume uncovers Cartier collaborators, gives detailed information on materials used in productions, a list of suppliers, and features more than 80 marks of master goldsmiths. Extraordinarily accurate and exhaustive research!


Last but not least, this book is full of high quality, life-size pictures this two-volume and could be considered an amazing object d’art itself. Please email us if you are interested in more information.


Additional information


2 volumes, published in Paris in 2019.

Limited edition

200 copies in French and 500 copies in English. Each copy is numbered. 


976 pages – 26 cm x 37 cm – 9 Kg
1 volume edition is published in simplified Chinese, in Shanghai


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