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Author: Olivier Bachet

Antique dealer specialized for 20 years in the trade of antique jewellery and objects of vertu. His training as a historian led him to undertake research work on the Maison Cartier. His research resulted in the writing, in collaboration with Alain Cartier, of the first book devoted to objects and accessories made by Cartier in the 20th century. His long experience as a dealer and his research have made him an internationally recognized authority on Cartier. This authority takes the form of carrying out expert appraisals at the request of its clients. He is member of the “Compagnie Nationale des Experts”, “Syndicat National des Antiquaires”, an authorised expert appraiser for vintage Cartier pieces and a founding member of the International Antique Jewelers Association (IAJA). “I have had a passion for Cartier for years. I had seen and studied so many pieces and books, and with my own personal archives, bit by bit I had been able to discover some of the House’s well guarded secrets. The inventory numbers, the master goldsmiths’ hallmarks and the diverse comments present on the objects slowly became less obscure. Then as an antique dealer, member of the “Compagnie Nationale des Experts” and of the “Syndicat National des Antiquaires”, I had the opportunity to use my knowledge and my expertise to judge many pieces for my clients. “ – writes Olivier in his book.


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