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Author: Marie Chabrol

Jewellery expert and writer, founder of Le Gemmologue. “During 2001 spring, I had an appointment in a little company based in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. After an full day here, I decided that I wanted to learn a job related to jewelry industry. Until now, I never left it ! I used to write since many years, but it became really important for me from 2011 when I began to write for jewelry and gemology focused magazines (AFG, Le Pays Lorrain, InColor…). At the same time, I worked for different associations for which I managed press relations. At the end of 2013, I created Le Gemmologue. This jewelry and gemology focused website is exactly what I need to speak about my professional industry : new collections, legal watch, gemology news, auctions, new books… More important, it is the perfect place where men and women of my industry could explain why their jobs are so exiting : jewelers, gem setters, polishers, designers, gem cutters…”


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