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“In each of the three capitals, where modern civilisation and culture take on the highest forms, an artery stands out as the centre of luxury and taste. It is the rue de la Paix for Paris, 5th Avenue for New York and Bond Street for London, and in each of these three roads a name shines out: that of CARTIER.”

(L’illustration, supplement of June 1939)

Few brands in the modern day cultural canon command the same reverence as Cartier.

Its objects and jewels are masterpieces of decorative art, desirable in every collection, treasured for their design and sophisticated craftmanship as well as unique history. Cartier is synonymous with elegance — the ultimate symbol of exquisite taste.

Become an insider

Cartier Collector Club is a unique opportunity to delve into untold stories about the vintage brand’s creations.

Offering an unparalleled perspective on the art of collecting, it’s about meeting new people while developing an intimate understanding of the Cartier collectors’ world.

The platform is designed to assist jewellery enthusiasts in navigating the notoriously enigmatic world of the history of the legendary French Maison. Connecting collectors and experts from across the globe, it offers access to the world’s most venerated expert advice. Meanwhile, a carefully curated, insightful guide features verified information on vintage, collectible Cartier objects and jewels, providing an essential piece of the puzzle for both existing and new collectors. Regular online and offline events in which to connect with fellow connoisseurs are commonplace, while access to a library of articles and tips for correctly identifying sought after Cartier pieces is indispensable.

The Club’s large network of international jewellery professionals — at museums, private collections, galleries, and auction houses — ensures that members get behind-the-scenes access and learn first-hand information on how jewellery masterworks were made, collected, curated, displayed, bought, and sold.


Cartier collector is the result of a meeting between different jewellery experts brought together by their passion for the great French house Cartier.

The idea to start a collectors club came from the strong desire to share an extensive knowledge and expertise, gained from the years of research and experience. The result is unrivalled access to secret archives and private collections, paving the way for collectors to peruse previously inaccessible miscellany. Cartier Collectors club aims to reveal the beauty, craftsmanship and unique story behind every Cartier collectible and therefore its value.

What we do





The Book

Created in tribute to generations of Cartier designers and craftsmen, Cartier: Exceptional Objects and Jewels is the result of five years of intensive research and detective work. A catalogue of 1,500 Cartier objects and drawings, most of which reside in private collections, it’s an independently produced reference book that simultaneously educates and sparks fascination.

Bursting with vibrant illustrations and anecdotes, it charts beautiful Cartier objects as well as the makers behind each piece, offering notes on how to identify individual makers’ marks. It presents dates, addresses and techniques relevant to each artisan, providing a treasure trove of information for both new collectors and curious historians.

An essential item for identifying specific objects and their place of design, it’s an ode to the wonder inspired by the most famous jewellery house in the world.


  • A digital library, featuring articles on Cartier history, and valuable information on how to identify Cartier pieces and unique makers’ marks;
  • A unique digital archive of Cartier designs;
  • Advice on acquisitions;
  • Members’ forums, for advice on authenticity of objects and more;
  • Updates on important sales and events;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Special conditions for expertise for our members.

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